Everything you always wanted to know about Mokum Dusk.

Mokum Dusk is a non-alcoholic gin to enjoy. But there is also much to tell about it. Here you will find answers to questions that occupy our customers and shop visitors. Is your question not here? Please contact us. By doing so, you will help us to keep our customers well informed.

About our beverages

Mokum Dusk is a non-alcoholic gin.

Mokum Dusk The Family Close

Mokum Dusk is a delicious alcohol-free gin. And thus a tasty and healthy alternative to a traditional gin. At the heart of each blend you will taste the refreshing flavour of juniper - the most important ingredient of gin - but each blend has a unique flavour. Made according to a unique recipe.

Mokum Dusk is delicious in a mix or as a cocktail.

Mokum Dusk | How do I drink Mokum Dusk?

Whether you don't need alcohol for an evening, want to stay sober during the week or have decided to stop drinking alcohol altogether, Mokum Dusk makes your life easier and more enjoyable.

The rich, refreshing and complex taste of Mokum Dusk is perfect for mixed drinks - such as gin-tonics - and non-alcoholic cocktails. For tips, tricks, tasty recipes and the necessary inspiration, visit our cocktail gallery page.

About the production

Mokum Dusk is made of vegetable ingredients.

Mokum Dusk | What is Mokum Dusk made of?

Mokum Dusk is made from vegetable ingredients. No animal ingredients are used. And no artificial aromas are used, for instance to enhance the characteristic scent and taste of juniper. It is as pure as can be.

The unique production process uses steam distillation.

Mokum Dusk | How is Mokum Dusk made?

The unique production process of Mokum Dusk is similar to the distillation of a traditional gin - even though no alcohol is involved. Steam distillation is used to obtain the pure aromas necessary for the creation of our various signature blends.

The extracted aromas - derived from vegetable ingredients - are then mixed with each other in a specific dosage and in a unique way. This creates the rich, refreshing and complex taste of Mokum Dusk non-alcoholic gin.

Steam distillation is a separation method for obtaining plant aromas.

Mokum Dusk | What is steam distillation?

Steam distillation is a separation method in which a plant ingredient is heated in liquid and the steam is collected to condense it. The volatile components that contain the aroma of the plant ingredient are carried away by the steam into another vessel. There, the steam is cooled and condensed into liquid. As the volatile components containing the aroma are lighter than liquid, we can separate the aromas by decanting the whole. The pure, extracted vegetable aromas form the basis of the unique Mokum Dusk recipe.

About our webshop

Orders placed before 3pm will be dispatched the same day.

Mokum Dusk | How soon can I have Mokum Dusk at home?

We do our best to process and deliver your order to the carrier within 12 hours. If you place your order before 3 p.m. on a weekday, it will be shipped the same day. This means that your package will be delivered to you the very next day.

If you order at the weekend or on a public holiday, your package will be sent on the next working day. You can track your order with the track & trace code you will receive in your mailbox.

Deliveries to countries other than the Netherlands:

  • Belgium - Germany - France - Luxembourg
: 2-3 working days
  • United Kingdom - Spain - Italy
: 4-5 working days

Shipping in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is free above € 45.

Mokum Dusk | How much do I pay for shipping?

Shipping in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is free above € 45. For orders below that amount, shipping costs of € 5.95 will be charged. For other countries, different shipping rates apply. The amount is determined by the carrier with whom we work.

Mokum Dusk feels at home in every company.

Mokum Dusk is a tasty and responsible business gift, steals the show in any Christmas package and is a great non-alcoholic alternative for Friday afternoon drinks.

But also if you want to sell Mokum Dusk in your shop or add it to the menu of your restaurant, we are happy to help you. Send us an e-mail today by filling in the fields below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    About us

    A non-alcoholic gin that really tastes like gin.

    Mokum Dusk | What is the idea behind Mokum Dusk?

    The idea was born on a summer evening in 2019 in the heart of Amsterdam. Pieter Vonk, Klaas-Jan Kakebeeke and Gijs de Kogel were sitting on the packed terrace of a trendy cocktail bar. That evening they drank their very first non-alcoholic gin tonic. The non-alcoholic spirit tasted spicy, but had little to do with the flavour of a traditional gin.

    The conversation soon turned to developing our own non-alcoholic gin. It had to be a non-alcoholic gin that tasted at least as good as a traditional gin. Packaged in a beautiful, timeless bottle that would immediately make you greedy. Specially developed for bon vivants who wanted to get the most out of their day and did not want to make any concessions to the quality of their gin.

    About 2 years later, Mokum Dusk True Blend was introduced on the Dutch market. The first in a series of high-quality, non-alcoholic gins.

    The name refers to the Amsterdam nightlife

    Mokum Dusk | What does Mokum Dusk mean?

    Mokum' is Hebrew for Amsterdam. And 'Dusk' means twilight. The name refers to the fall of the evening at the end of the day. The moment when the streets of Amsterdam fill with people longing for a good glass and each other's company.

    They meet in a neighbourhood pub, a cocktail bar or a restaurant to shake off the workday. In a relaxed atmosphere, the best ideas are born, lifelong friendships are made and new adventures are toasted. It is these small moments that make life great.

    Mokum Dusk is inspired by all the people who colour Amsterdam's nightlife. Epicureans who want to get the most out of their day and refuse to make any concessions to the quality of their gin.

    Jes' has a nose for vegetable ingredients.

    Mokum Dusk | Why is there a dog with a bowler hat on the label?

    Jes' is our faithful four-legged friend. If we are looking for an ingredient with a certain taste, Jes has already found it. His nose is so well developed, that we are frankly a little jealous of it. He always helps us so much that we decided to give Jes a place of honor on our label. One good turn deserves another. Before we forget, the bowler hat was his father's. It was an inheritance.

    Mokum Dusk is made with 185 years of experience.

    Mokum Dusk | Why choose Mokum Dusk?

    Making a distilled, non-alcoholic gin is a complicated process. It requires craftsmanship, passion, dedication and last but not least, experience. Mokum Dusk has craftsmen who love their work, do what they promise and have a great deal of experience. 185 years of experience, to be precise. For generations, they have been responsible for the recipes and production of a large number of award-winning gins. The sum of their experience means the difference between a good and a great gin.

    About carefree enjoyment

    Mokum Dusk is 100% vegan.

    Mokum Dusk | Is Mokum Dusk vegan?

    Mokum Dusk is made from vegetable ingredients and contains no animal fats. Therefore, it fits within a vegan diet and is also suitable for vegetarians.

    Mokum Dusk is healthy.

    Mokum Dusk | Is Mokum Dusk a healthy alternative?

    Mokum Dusk is one of the healthier options in the NO & LOW alcohol segment. It contains no sugar, is low in calories and made from natural ingredients. You can enjoy it without any worries. We have listed the most important benefits for you below.

    • Alcoholvrij < 0,3%
    • Sugar-free
    • Allergen-free
    • Low-calorie
    • 100% Vegan

    Diabetics can enjoy Mokum Dusk without any worries.

    Mokum Dusk | Is Mokum Dusk suitable for diabetics?

    Mokum Dusk contains no sugar, is low in calories and is made from natural ingredients. It is therefore suitable for diabetics. Make sure that you mix Mokum Dusk with drinks that are also suitable for diabetics. Always check the ingredients before using it. Then you know for sure that you can enjoy your non-alcoholic cocktail without any worries.

    An opened bottle can be kept for between 3 and 6 months.

    Mokum Dusk | How long can I keep my bottle of Mokum Dusk?

    The shelf life of Mokum Dusk is between 3 and 6 months after opening. If the bottle has not yet been opened, you can keep it for at least a year. You can always find the best-before date on the bottle itself.

    It is possible to keep your bottle of Mokum Dusk at room temperature, but the shelf life will benefit if you choose a cool, dry place.