The universe of Mokum Dusk.

We love talking about our gin. But we understand that it is nice to know something about the world behind our gin. About the makers. About the ingredients we use. And about the way Mokum Dusk is made. You will find those stories here. Welcome to our universe.

Great gin doesn't need alcohol.

We firmly believe in it. And we have good reasons for doing so. We have listed them for you below.

Gin is not distinguished by its alcohol content, but by the characteristic taste of juniper. That is why the refreshing juniper berry forms the heart of our 'signature blends'. Each sip is a feast for the taste buds.

Each blend has its own unique taste. This is because we complement the characteristic taste of juniper with nuances of other botanical ingredients. The interplay of these ingredients results in a rich, balanced flavour that continues to captivate.

All our blends are crafted with the finest botanicals. Unfortunately, they do not grow in our backyard, but in different regions of Europe. The tastiest juniper was found in South-Eastern Europe. The fruitiest lemon grew in Spain. And the most powerful dill was found in Germany. So it took us a while to find our dream team of herbal ingredients.

The production process of Mokum Dusk is similar to the distillation of a traditional gin. Steam distillation is used to extract aromas from vegetable ingredients. These pure, natural distillates form the basis of the Mokum Dusk recipe. You can read more about our production process and steam distillation in our FAQs.

Craftsmanship, passion, dedication and, last but not least, experience: you need it all to make a high-quality, non-alcoholic gin. Fortunately, Mokum Dusk has highly experienced craftsmen who have been spoon-fed their knowledge of gin for generations. If you add all those generations together, you arrive at 185 years of experience. No wonder our craftsmen are responsible for the recipes of several award-winning gins. Their experience makes the difference between a good gin and a great gin. With or without alcohol.

Mokum Dusk is an ode to Amsterdam and the people who colour its nightlife. The dreamers, the die hards, the bon vivants and the nocturnal animals who want to get the most out of their day without making concessions to the quality of their gin. They are the secret ingredient we have added to Mokum Dusk. In every sip you taste a hint of Amsterdam. And that just tastes like more.

Despite all of the above reasons, it still took more than two years before we were satisfied with the taste of our first blend. Mokum Dusk True Blend had to become a gin that was reminiscent in every way of the flavour profile of a traditional London Dry Gin. But without the alcohol. It took blood, sweat and many drops of gin to perfect the taste of Mokum Dusk True Blend. But we finally succeeded.

Mokum Dusk is an idea of Pieter Vonk, Klaas-Jan Kakebeeke and Gijs de Kogel. Three enterprising hedonists who share their love of a good glass, beautiful cities and special cultures.

Mokum Dusk | Amsterdam Nightlife 1
Two people with a non-alcoholic cocktail
Mokum Dusk | Amsterdam Nightlife 3
Mokum Dusk | Amsterdam Nightlife 4

Inspired by the
Amsterdam nightlife.

The name Mokum Dusk refers to the twilight at the end of the day. The moment when the streets of Amsterdam fill with people longing for a good glass and each other's company. They greet each other in a neighbourhood pub, a cocktail bar or a restaurant to shake off the working day.

In a relaxed atmosphere, the best ideas are born, lifelong friendships are made and new adventures are toasted. It is these small moments that make life great. Mokum Dusk is inspired by all the people who colour Amsterdam's nightlife. Epicureans who want to get the most out of their day and refuse to make any concessions to the quality of their gin.

A unique production process without alcohol

The unique production process of Mokum Dusk is comparable to the distillation of a traditional gin - even though no alcohol is involved.

Steam distilled

Steam distillation is used to obtain the pure aromas needed to make our various signature blends.

Extracting flavours

The extracted aromas - derived from plant ingredients - are then mixed with each other in a specific dosage and in a unique way.


This creates the rich, refreshing and complex taste of Mokum Dusk non-alcoholic gin.

Crafted with the finest botanicals.

Making a high-quality, non-alcoholic gin is essentially the same as preparing a delicious meal: it is all about the quality of the ingredients. The higher the quality, the better the taste. So it will come as no surprise that only the finest herbal ingredients are considered for our blends.
Mokum Dusk | Vegetable ingredient Juniper 2
Mokum Dusk | Vegetable ingredient Lemon peel
Mokum Dusk | Vegetable ingredient Dill

Even if it means sourcing our ingredients from all corners of Europe. To give you an idea, our juniper grows in south-eastern Europe. Our dill is from Germany. And our lemon comes from Spain. Together, they create the unique taste of our signature blends.

Mokum Dusk | Plant ingredient Juniper
Juniper is the most important ingredient in gin. It grows in the wild and needs 2 to 3 years to mature. It has a woody, bittersweet smell and a refreshing, resinous taste. The characteristic taste of juniper berries forms the basis of all our blends.
Mokum Dusk | Botanical ingredient Angelica
Angelica belongs to the umbellifer family and is considered a medicinal plant. It gives the gin its dry taste and intensifies the taste of other botanicals. Angelica has an earthy, dry, musky and woody aroma.
Mokum Dusk | Botanical ingredient Blood orange
Blood orange
The blood orange originated in the Mediterranean in the mid-19th century. Its flesh has a blood-red colour and a bittersweet core. Blood orange provides a crispy, fresh-sweet touch that makes our True Blend sparkle with dynamism.
Mokum Dusk | Vegetable ingredient Coriander
The taste of coriander is distilled from coriander seeds. It is an indispensable botanical in gin, as it 'grounds' the gin. Coriander adds spicy, slightly peppery citrus notes and creates a pleasant explosion of flavour in the mouth.
Mokum Dusk | Vegetable ingredient Habanero Pepper
Habanero pepper
The habanero pepper looks like a small pepper, but you won't forget one bite. It is one of the hottest peppers in the world. The sharpness of the habanero pepper is caused by the substance capsaicin. The aroma gives a nice kick to the beautiful, long finish of our True Blend.

But not before our master distiller has thoroughly inspected each new delivery of fresh ingredients. He checks the texture, the aroma, the taste and the quality before he approves them for production. It is the only way to guarantee the consistently high quality of Mokum Dusk.

Find out more about us in our Frequently Asked Questions