Golden Hour

Golden Hour' is a light, alcohol-free cocktail with Mokum Dusk Cool Blend, an alcohol-free white vermouth, ginger ale and a touch of dill and cucumber. The recipe is a variation on the Negroni/Americano which is made with gin or sparkling water, sweet red vermouth and a bitter aperitif. We use a white, non-alcoholic vermouth and ginger ale for an elegant taste with a little bitterness, which goes well with dill. The cucumber ribbon is a beautiful garnish that accentuates the fresh notes of Mokum Dusk Cool Blend.


  • Tumbler
  • Barmaatje
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Hand press
  • Bar spoon or long spoon
  • Ice cubes



  1. Prepare the tumbler;
  2. Use the peeler to shave the cucumber lengthwise;
  3. Cover the inside of the tumbler with a cucumber ribbon;
  4. Fill the tumbler with a generous scoop of ice cubes;
  5. Fill the bar measure with 60 ml Mokum Dusk Cool Blend and carefully pour it over the ice in the tumbler;
  6. Fill the bar measure with 30 ml Martini Floreale and pour it into the tumbler;
  7. Take the bar spoon and gently stir the ice cream and the ingredients together;
  8. Fill the bar measure with 30 ml of ginger ale and pour it into the mix;
  9. Stir the whole thing again gently (for about 8-10 seconds);
  10. Garnish the cocktail with a fresh sprig of dill.